Electronic Cigarette UK: Our eco-friendly cigarette

E- cigarettes

We run an established e-cigarette company that manufactures and supplies electronic cigarettes to UK residents. Our e cigs are manufactured using the highest hygienic conditions and technology to ensure the client gets only the best and safest e-cigs. The electronic cigarette uk are not only human-health friendly, but also environmental friendly.

Going green

Environment conservation has moved beyond the dumping of garbage and maintaining forests to producing environmental friendly products. Our electronic cigarette is made with cartridge(s) that contains liquid nicotine, a heating system meant to heat and vaporize the e-liquid and a rechargeable battery. The ecig does not contain tobacco, as with regular cigarettes, but nicotine in liquid form. Users inhale the nicotine vapor produced by the heating system and exhale it. In this regard, no smoke is produced because smoking our ecig does not involve burning of anything.


Our e cigarette is made in such a way that it does not require lighting of the end or burning of any substance. This means no ash is produced, and our UK users can smoke this cigarette at any place without worrying about how to get rid of ash since none is produced. In addition to the absence of ash, there is no harmful smoke affecting the smoker or third parties, hence the smoker does not need to find a secluded place to take a puff. This makes our e cigarettes more socially acceptable than cigarettes that emit smoke.


Our ecig does not contain any tobacco and is, therefore, not classified under drugs which need a restriction on age or a regulation on where they can be smoked.


Electronic cigarettes are reusable in that when one cartridge liquid nicotine runs out, one an easily replace it with another one or refill that same cartridge with more nicotine. The ecig itself costs less than regular cigarettes and the fact that one can refill or simply replace the cartridge makes them even cheaper.


Our ecigs come in a variety of flavors so that our clients are not restricted to only one flavor when they smoke. In addition to the many flavors, we have made sure to provide different sizes of cartridges; each indicating the level of nicotine the liquid contains. Some people even opt to have no nicotine content in their e cig and are just seeking the smoking illusion of inhaling and exhaling fumes. This greatly works for people who wish to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes by psychologically fulfilling the smoking urge. People who need higher nicotine levels in their e-cigs only need to choose cartridges which contain higher levels.