Electronic cigarettes comprise of a heating system, a cartridge, nicotine (in liquid form) and a battery that is rechargeable. They look similar to regular cigarettes, except instead of being stuffed with tobacco on the inside, they are fitted with a cartridge that contains liquid nicotine. When smoking, the nicotine is heated up and vaporizes to the vapor that smokers inhale and exhale.

We are
We are one of the established electronic cigarettes companies in the UK. We manufacture high quality e-cigs and supply them to our UK clients.

E cig power system: The battery
We make our e-cigs with rechargeable batteries; which provides the power required to heat up the liquid nicotine inside the cartridge. The rechargeable battery stores up power so that one can smoke the e cigarette a long time after they have unplugged it to the power source; such as when driving or taking a stroll. No matchsticks or lighters are required to light up the e cigarette.

Environment friendly electronic cigarette uk
The e cigs we produce and supply do not contain tobacco, and since there is no burning of any substance, there is no environmentally hazardous smoke. The e-cigarettes do not burn any ash and are hence convenient to smoke in high class places without any need for ash trays.

Reusable e-cigs
Regular cigarettes cannot be reused because once all the tobacco burns out, it cannot be refilled or reused. Our electronic cigarette, however, are reusable because one can always replace the cartridge, which has run out of nicotine, with a full one or refill the empty cartridge with more nicotine. We provide a variety of cartridges; different sizes and different levels of nicotine. Smokers thus, have a choice when it comes to how much nicotine levels/ content they wish to inhale. People who only want to get an illusion of smoking, without inhaling any nicotine vapors, can choose an ecig whose cartridge has no nicotine content.

Flavored cigarettes
Regular tobacco burn and smoke almost one smell, and that is the smell of tobacco. Our ecig, on the other hand, have been flavored to different smells and tastes that give the smokers more sophistication in their recreational smoking.

Limited usage restriction
There is limited restriction on the use of our e cigarettes because, without tobacco, it does not fall under the regulation of drugs. It can be smoked almost everywhere since, in addition to having only limited restriction, the vapors exhaled by the smokers do not affect the health of third parties.